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AS 1289, State Road Authority Methods


The range of laboratory construction materials testing we conduct covers general classification, strength, and compaction testing as per AS 1289, MRWA, ASTM, and numerous other standards. 

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Our In-House NATA Accredited Services for Soil Include:

  • Compaction and CBR Testing
  • Classification Testing including Particle Size Analysis and Atterberg Limits
  • Our in-house services cover the basics of all Testing specifications, in conjunction with Western Geotechnical & Laboratory Services we can offer all other testing requirements including but not limited to
  • Dispersion Testing – Emerson, Double Hydrometer and Pinhole
  • Particle Density and Fine Particle Analysis using Hydrometer.
  • Organic Content via Loss on Ignition and Organic Matter
  • Chemical Aggressivity – pH, Sulphate and Chlorides
  • Electrical and Thermal Resistivity
  • Maximum Dry Compressive Strength and Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soil
  • Permeability and Shrink Swell

NATA Accredited Services by Standard Code: